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"My abstract work is an experiment in light: the separation of light, the harmony, and the indication of lines in nature with color field abstraction. As mankind, we are the only creatures that try to mimic what we live in through an artistic medium. Living away from the harsh lines of the city, I have found myself drawn to the atmospheric reality of open space. Abstraction is an exercise in randomness, as nature is instinctually random, and it is in this endeavor that I strive to mimic that creative instinct." - Edward Walton Wilcox, 2021


"Perhaps the major thematic in this body of recent work is the creation of a “tough abstraction” using the conventional tools and techniques of traditional painting, combined with an unconscious “automatic” painting procedure that lends itself to the employment of accident. Following after is a series of decisions that coerce the composition to the fore. A dialogue begins of correction and modification between creator and creation. The themes of design, line, shape, volume and space, color, texture, value, all being key factors now in this visual symphony. A harmony is then created within the picture plane. There is an employment of nostalgic awareness that cannot be denied, as while these pictures are representations for an earlier period of evolution in painting, they are not merely pastiche, they are the product of a new revelation, defining their own place in time." -  HOHMANN Gallery 

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