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Greetings from the island!

It has been some three years since my last correspondence. In the span of this time I have wandered and explored and as of late have made an island my studio and home. There are just a few of us here and often the other residents are off traveling, so it makes the experience all the more surreal. For years I have painted such scenes, however, I never imagined actually living in such a fantastical place.

Perhaps it is these manifestations that would lead me here; to this antique home in the jungle. While I am free from distraction and those "sounds" of the city, island living has many different and unique challenges... the alligators sunning themselves on the dock between and you your boat that will carry you to the mainland, the monkeys that raid the studio when you forget to close the door and the dependance on rainfall that ensures the cistern will provide enough water to drink, cook, and shower, are but a few of is said that life should be an adventure and that is exactly to what I have aspired.

My many moves and relocations have informed my art making beyond measure. The education I have derived from everyday occurrences are the stuff of dreams, and these images I draw from always. As I like to say, travel broadens the mind, and a "wandering heart" is alway full; be it heavy in struggle or euphoric in the bliss of success.

Warmest regards,


From the Gardens of Lord Baskerville "Reflection Pond", 2001, oil and tempera on canvas, 14 x 18 inches.

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