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December 2020 Show: Are You Still With Me?

Exhibition Dates: December 12 th , 2020 – January 11 th , 2021

Opening Reception: Saturday, December 12th, 12-5pm

RSVP to to attend Opening Day // or to schedule a private appointment

Gallery Hours: Wednesday - Saturday, 1 – 5pm with Masks and Social Distancing.

Edward Walton Wilcox’s newest paintings portray a visceral expression of memory and emotion

that transcends the linearity of storytelling.

“There are images, and in these images, voices. These are the voices as in the caves of

Lascaux; primitive man has mirrored the experiences of his reality down through the ages. In my

world of art making all is symbol sign and codifier. In the spiritual world there is no material

inference to the metaphoric meaning of all reality. Every image created by man from the

beginning of time is a glyph of his reflection: the world of experiences. Now recorded in an

instant, an image is created as a conjuring of sorts; a narrow sign in a gallery of thought,

sometimes untranslatable to the passing viewer. The nature of representation is not limited to

graphic signifiers but directs the attentions beyond language to a higher plane of thought. This is

the meaning of all art. This is the intrinsic value of the creation of beauty. For a world that craves

it, beauty matters and style matters. For the edification of humanity it is morality incarnate, and

its voice finds its value in every image wrought by man.” – Edward Walton Wilcox

“Are You Still With Me?” delves into expressions of beauty, life, and our existence as intellectual

and spiritual beings. In Wilcox’s world, skulls are not only a primordial reminder of our mortality,

but a signifier of deep change, strength, and protection. Nothing is one-dimensional; everything

contains duality. Blue and white rings connect the earthly aspects of the skeletal form to the

supernatural spiritual world, representing contemplation, completion and harmony. Darkness

threatens the illumination of suspended chandeliers, yet prismatic hues emerge like rainbow-

esque reflections, or pinpoints of soothing white light. Obscured Palm Trees take on an other

worldly feel as they melt into sunset reds and gold, while blotches of sky blue quietly burn

through the haze.

Through a lens of dripping paint, detritus, and fractures of light, each painting in Wilcox’s newest

exhibition is an alluring representation of our individual shifts in perception and awareness. The

work explores the temporal nature of beauty and life, referenced by Romantic notions of

individualism, imagination, spirituality, and the purity of nature.

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